Tagarsurabaya.com – Import activity is a term that may be familiar. Import itself is an international trade activity or trade between countries.

In a country, import activities have a very important role and are certainly closely related to economic activities.

Import Definition

Referring to Government Regulation Number 10 of 2021, import is an activity of entering goods into the customs area. Importation of goods or services from abroad or customs areas aims to be circulated into the country or free traffic areas.


Obtain goods and services that cannot be produced by the state because they do not have raw materials, skills, and so on. Obtaining supplies of raw materials for domestic industries. Get more modern technology from imported goods. Meet domestic demand


The purpose of import activities is of course to meet domestic needs. Import activities are also a form of communication or cooperation in each country.

In addition to meeting domestic needs, import activities are carried out aimed at improving the balance of payments and reducing foreign exchange expenditures in other countries. Import activities are also useful for increasing the potential of a country.

Import activities are also useful for obtaining raw materials and modern technology. This makes import activities indirectly support the stability of a country.

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